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Dr. Anil Kesani explains one of the treatments being explored to ameliorate the symptoms of sciatica is the use of stem cells.  Anil Kumar Kesani, MD is a spine specialist in Texas who focuses on minimally invasive interventions to spinal problems. In his practice SpineMD, Dr. Anil Kesani treats most spinal and related problems, including sciatic nerve pain and nerve root impingement.

Sciatic pain, or sciatica, as the condition is called, is a relatively common affliction that results from an injury or undue pressure on nerves, typically within the spine, but can also affect nerves in the pelvis or legs and causes pain which typically runs down the leg.

One of the treatments being explored to ameliorate the symptoms of sciatica is the use of stem cells. The procedure, documented in a study by Dadon-Nachum et al., employed animal models in which stem cells were transplanted into transected sciatic nerves. The stem cell treatment induced nerve tissue regeneration as well as myelin synthesis and demonstrated clinical improvement. The study suggests this as a potential treatment for sciatic nerve injuries. A therapeutic approach such as this one would be preferable in some cases to surgical interventions, and although more research is needed, the results are promising

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Anil Kumar Kesani, M.D

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Anil Kesani MD is a fellowship trained and board certified spine specialist. After completing his orthopedic surgery residency; Dr. Anil Kesani undertook additional training in spine surgery by completing a combined orthopedic and neurosurgery spine fellowship. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.